Financial Life Planning

Financial Life Planning for Your Next Chapter

Retirement planning is often thought of only as the financial factors that will provide economic security. However, financial security on its own cannot bring happiness, good health, or meaningful relationships and activities.

The idea of a prosperous retirement is evolving, and is much more fluid and flexible than what most of us could have imagined. Because life expectancy has increased dramatically, the challenge and opportunity for people now is to make the most of their bonus years. Anticipating the challenges and opportunities of “free” time is both exciting and frightening.

Taking time to clarify your priorities is a great investment in your quality of life. For many people this is a second chance to “make a life” in contrast to just “making a living.” Their planning helps bring into focus how they will spend their time as well as how they will fund their future years. To fully prosper in retirement requires arranging financial security, and also directing your time toward reaching the goals that are meaningful to you.

How It Works
  • Assessing your present situation and clarifying priorities
  • Identifying your future challenges, goals, and hopes
  • Looking ahead to your future income and options available to you
  • Uncovering your unique definition of a successful next chapter
  • Planning for and moving along the road of financial security
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