Estate & Legacy Planning

Estate and Legacy Planning

An estate plan helps to carry out your wishes after your passing, and can benefit you and your family while you’re living. A good estate plan integrates your goals, family dynamics, tax considerations, beneficiary issues, and more. It can prove invaluable in easing the administrative burden for your family and friends during a time of emotional distress. For estates with significant assets, good estate planning can also help maximize your family’s financial and social legacy.

Some people also begin to think about their ‘footprint’ on the world around them and the purpose of their lives. They realize that life‘s purpose is not solely to make money, rather to use money as a tool to make life better. They want to help others and to make the world a better place for both their children and their grandchildren.

Charitable planning is about using financial strategies to help express this desire. The tools and techniques used in this type of financial planning are varied, and they can be used to make an impact during your life, as well as to leave a legacy. Weaving this into your financial picture can be done at any age or asset level. If you would like to know more about incorporating charitable giving with your estate and financial planning, we can help.

How We Can Help
  • Uncovering personal and financial estate goals and guidelines
  • Summarizing current situation
  • Developing a family estate plan aligned with your goals
  • Collaboration with related professionals – attorney, accountant, insurance agent, trust officers, etc.
  • Planning for special needs beneficiaries
  • Charitable legacy planning
  • Coordination of asset titling and beneficiary arrangements


Our complimentary financial triage can be a quick check of whether your current situation aligns with your goals.

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