Our Clients

We work with families, individuals, and business owners and enjoy building long-term, collaborative partnerships with them. Our planning services are as unique and diverse as the clients we serve. We help make their goals a reality by preserving their wealth, preparing for tomorrow, and putting it all together.

While every client is different, we may know a few things about you already:

Your financial closet might be messy.

Many people have a “messy closet” when it comes to money matters. We work to organize your finances and simplify things for you, so you can see what you have and use it wisely.

You are facing important financial changes

This may be the first time you have faced efficiently paying for college, funding a comfortable retirement, handling an inheritance or another important financial decision. You are looking for impartial, experienced help to make good choices.

You would rather spend time enjoying life and pursuing purpose.

You have a life outside of money. Being with family and friends and writing your version of life’s story is more important than the numbers. We do what we do best, which is to help you with financial matters so you can enjoy life.

You’re looking for advisers with heart.

Financial planning is a process designed to make your life better. Each chapter in life’s journey brings new challenges and opportunities. As a Harvest client, you receive our guidance for as long as you need it, through good times and bad.

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Why Harvest Advisers?

We believe strongly in our company and our approach. The Experience we have gained working for hundreds of clients through the years and our Dedication to achieving our client’s goals set us apart.

Our commitment to a holistic planning approach pulls everything together to address your individual circumstances. We will explain different options and the benefits and risks associated with each. Our compensation is fee-based, aligning with our clients success, and supporting an ongoing partnership with our clients. We offer long term wealth management, with the guiding star being your personal vision of a wealthy life.