Our Process

What is the most important piece of a jigsaw puzzle? Some would say the corner piece, while others might say the last piece. However, the most important piece of a jigsaw puzzle is the picture on the box. Without it, you do not know how to arrange the puzzle in front of you. You might not even know if pieces are missing.

Your own unique priorities, history, and circumstances are what paint the picture on the box of your financial life. There are many pieces to the puzzle, and understanding your own frame of reference is important as well. Our process helps create a fulfilling and compelling financial life plan by developing a shared understanding of your picture and bringing our expertise and experience to the table.


Initially we get acquainted to understand who you are, including your goals, priorities, and concerns. This is a critical first step to discover if the client/adviser relationship will be a good fit, and to make sure your unique needs and frame of reference will help shape your financial plan.


This stage begins when a commitment is made to move forward with a working relationship. The purpose of this stage is to identify and clarify your true values and priorities, via a data gathering process of both quantitative and qualitative information that engages the heart and the mind.


The envision stage is just that – our opportunity to help you create a clear vision for the future that is compelling, fulfilling and inspiring. We will cover everything that is important to your happiness and life satisfaction.


In the enlighten stage, we will ensure that our understanding of your values, goals, concerns, transitions and objectives is correct, clarifying new insights and knowledge.


Armed with new knowledge and a clear path, you will be “empowered” to take action. We continue on as your guide, monitoring progress, helping maintain focus, and navigating new issues and transitions with you as they arise.